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The price of gold hovering near a eight month high against the risk of short-term adjustment Huitong network February 9th News – Tuesday (February 9th) the European market trading, spot gold hovering near a eight month high, now trading at $1190 an ounce, on a trading day rose to nearly eight month high of $1200.83 an ounce, because the stock market fell and the fear of a global slowdown prompted investors to seek refuge. There is a big resistance at the 1200 dollar mark, investors should be alert to the risk of short-term adjustment of gold. The stock market to maintain the weakness, to support the price of gold. Among them, the Nikkei 225 index fell 5.31% on Tuesday, the European stock market fell slightly, the German DAX index fell by 0.22%. A gold trader said, the news is light, alert gold long profit, because of the $1200 pass for the Bulls there is a greater psychological barrier. But the Fed’s interest rate hike uncertainty will still support the price of gold. ANZ pointed out that although the base and precious metals have recently showed mixed alternating trend, but in the global economic growth concerns intensified, gold is still the most popular varieties of investors; the new data show CFTC positions, continue to cut short positions in gold bulls, return to the market speculators; the Fed rate hike is expected to focus on the uncertainty in the the next few weeks on the gold price support. The current market focus on the Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen on Wednesday (February 10th) will be in the semi annual monetary policy testimony issued by the House Financial Services Commission, the market is expected to announce Yellen or doves, which will depress the probability of interest rate hike in March. In addition, China’s financial market has been closed due to the Spring Festival holiday, which has restrained the demand for gold. Other precious metals, spot Silver Rose 0.11%, traded at $15.30 an ounce; spot platinum rose 0.5%, traded at $925.80 an ounce; spot palladium rose 0.70%, traded at $514.80 an ounce. Beijing time 19:20, spot gold reported $1188.90 ounce. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

金价徘徊于近八个月高位附近 警惕短线调整风险   汇通网2月9日讯――周二(2月9日)欧市盘中,现货黄金徘徊于近八个月高位附近,现交投于1190美元 盎司,上一交易日一度升至近八个月高位1200.83美元 盎司,因股市下跌和对全球经济增长放缓的担忧促使投资者寻求避险。在1200美元关口一线存在较大阻力,投资者应警惕黄金短线调整的风险。   亚欧股市维持疲态,支撑金价。其中日经225指数周二暴跌5.31%,欧洲股市盘中小跌,德国DAX指数小跌0.22%。   一名黄金交易员称,日内消息面清淡,警惕黄金多头获利了结,因1200美元关口对多头而言存在较大的心理障碍。但美联储加息不确定性依然会支撑金价。   澳新银行指出,尽管基础金属和贵金属近期都呈现涨跌交替趋势,但在全球经济增长担忧加剧的情况下,黄金仍是投资者亲睐的品种;最新的CFTC持仓数据显示,投机者继续削减黄金空头头寸、多头回归市场;预计围绕美联储加息的不确定性将在未来数周对金价构成支撑。   目前市场的重点在美联储主席耶伦周三(2月10日)将在众议院金融服务委员会发表的半年度货币政策证词上,市场预计耶伦或发表鸽派言论,这将压低3月加息的概率。   此外,中国金融市场因春节假期休市,抑制了黄金的需求。   其他贵金属方面,现货白银小涨0.11%,交投于15.30美元 盎司;现货铂金上涨0.5%,交投于925.80美元 盎司;现货钯金上涨0.70%,交投于514.80美元 盎司。   北京时间19:20,现货黄金报1188.90美元 盎司。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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