Quanzhou the man tied his wife back to his hometown and his wife jumped in the middle of the train t 上海电机学院图书馆

Quanzhou: Men’s wife tied back home his wife halfway jumping caused by traffic jam in Quanzhou evening news (reporter Wu Zhiming Luo Jiansheng correspondent Chen Baolin Ventura) to say that today this is really not good when the traffic police directing traffic, accidents happen to need them, they sometimes quarrel, they also had. This is not a couple of Jiangxi, because of the quarrel trouble, husband to his wife to return home in Jiangxi, but his wife jump car, causing people around the crowd caused traffic jams, Anxi police tried to persuade. In November 13th 18, Anxi Traffic Police Brigade squadron of police patrol to tea in the two loop Anxi County Special Education School Road, the road traffic flow, the police fiddling found that because a woman was lying on the ground, next to the crowd in the road traffic. The police immediately stepped forward to divert traffic, then to the woman to understand the situation, then a man came to the police explained: "she is my wife a happy, because the spirit is not normal, to jump out of the car on the way home, so I would have tied her up back home in Jiangxi. "The police in the inquiry to the woman, but found that the woman’s spirit is normal, because of emotional problems divorce, the husband want to tie her back to Jiangxi home, who knows the woman halfway jump car. The police carried on thirty minutes of preaching, two people realize the seriousness of the matter, that they are impulsive, after meeting things will calm down. (Quanzhou Evening News Agency)

泉州:男子将妻子绑回老家 妻子中途跳车致堵车   泉州晚报讯(记者吴志明 罗剑生 通讯员陈宝林文 图)要说如今这交警还真不好当,指挥交通需要他们,发生事故了需要他们,有时候夫妻吵架了他们也得上。这不,一对江西夫妻,因吵架闹矛盾,丈夫欲将妻子绑回江西老家,不料妻子中途跳车,引起周边群众围观导致堵车,安溪民警只得上前进行劝解。   11月13日18时,安溪交警大队茶都中队民警在巡逻至安溪县二环路特殊教育学校路段时,发现该路段车流不顺,民警“顺藤摸瓜”发现原来是因为一名女子被绑躺在地上,旁边群众围观导致该路段交通不畅。   民警当即上前疏导交通,随后向该名女子了解情况,这时有名男子上前向民警解释:“她是我的妻子乐某,因为精神不正常,在回家的途中要跳车,所以我就将她绑了起来准备送回江西老家。“   民警在向该女子询问时却发现该女子精神正常,是因感情问题闹离婚,丈夫欲将她绑住送回江西老家,谁知该名女子中途跳车。民警进行了长达三十分钟的说教,两人均认识到事情的严重性,表示他们是一时冲动,以后遇到事情会冷静处理。   (泉州晚报社)相关的主题文章:

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