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Money and self willed? A parking garage in Zhanjiang parked nearly 200 zombie cars full of dust". The Guangzhou Daily reporter Guan Jiayu tire, car paint crack, the hollowing…… Yesterday, two days ago, Zhanjiang has a lot of people told reporters reflect, they live in the District, parking a lot of nobody "zombies", these vehicles long-term occupation of the area of public parking resources, but due to the lack of relevant laws and regulations, in the absence of owners with the case, the property company of these vehicles a dilemma…… Yesterday morning, the reporters came to Zhanjiang Chikan Nianfeng Heights Area of investigation. In the corner of the garage, a row of more than 20 motorcycles parked here. The motorcycle is not only covered with ash, even missing a leg. "These motorcycles have been parked in the district downstairs for several years, no one wants, no one to deal with, the original parking space is tense, many owners of cars are not good parking." Under no circumstances, the district Wuguan to focus on these vehicles parked here. According to Wuguan introduction, the whole district similar "zombie car" a total of nearly 200, mainly motorcycles, electric cars and bicycles, parking time has reached 5 years longest. Coincidentally, in the North Sea area in the area of security, pointing to a dusty motorcycle being said, since 2011 he came to work here, this car will stop here, but never let people say, exposed to wind and rain. Lawyer: Wuguan can carry out security risks investigation, Guangdong Billiton law firm director lawyer Qin said that the area of abandoned motorcycle belongs to the owner’s private property, without the consent of the obligee, Property Management Company has no right to deal with directly. However, Property Management Company as a district manager, public security management responsibility for the community, the risk of its control and investigation. The law of Zhanjiang people Ms. Gong Caihong suggested that if the vehicle is perennial occupy public space or the fire channel, there are security risks or damage the interests of others, the property company pre by car pile up on, and in a prominent position by posting announcements, notarized form, try to find the owner claim, if unclaimed within the time limit, shall be considered as ownerless processing, and report to the various departments of public security, fire protection, traffic management, etc.. [reading] residential "zombie car" hidden dangers were reported

有钱任性?湛江一小区车库停着近200辆“僵尸车”布满灰尘的“僵尸车”。文 图 广州日报记者关家玉轮胎泄气、漆面龟裂、车膜现空鼓……前、昨两日,湛江有不少市民向记者反映,在他们居住的小区里,停放着不少没人管的“僵尸车”,这些车辆长期占用小区公共停车资源,但由于缺乏相关法规支持,在缺少车主配合的情况下,物业公司对这些车辆的处理陷入两难境地……昨天上午,记者来到湛江赤坎区年丰豪庭小区进行实地调查。在车库一角,一排20余辆摩托车停放在此。这些摩托车不仅蒙上了灰,甚至还缺胳膊断腿。“这些废旧摩托车停在小区楼下已经好几年了,既没人要,也没有人进行处理,本来停车位就紧张,好多业主的车都不好停放。”不得已之下,小区物管把这些车辆集中停放于此。据物管介绍,全小区类似的“僵尸车”共有近200辆,主要是摩托车、电动车和自行车,停放时间最长的已经达到了5年。无独有偶,在海北路一小区里,小区保安指着一辆满是灰尘的摩托车叫苦说,自2011年他来这里工作,这辆车就停在这里了,但从来没有人过问过,任凭风吹雨打。 律师:物管可进行安全隐患排查广东比拓律师事务所主任律师覃刚说,小区内废弃的摩托车属于业主的私人财产,未经权利人同意,物业管理公司无权直接处置。不过,物业管理公司作为小区的管理者,对小区的公共安全负有管理责任,可对其风险进行控制与排查。湛江法律人士宫彩虹女士则建议,如果车辆常年占据公共空间或消防通道,存在安全隐患或侵害他人利益,物业公司前期可通过将车集中堆放,并在显眼位置通过张贴公告、公证处公证的形式,尽量找车主认领处理,如果期限内无人认领,应视为无主物进行处理,并向公安、消防、交通、城管等多个部门报告。 【相关阅读】小区“僵尸车”存隐患被举报相关的主题文章:

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