Woman inexplicable loan emergency contact a day to pick up hundreds of debt calls zhongguorentiyishu

A woman inexplicably lending emergency contact day after hundreds of debt collection calls original title: Women’s inexplicable "emergency contact" lending into a day hundreds of debt collection of phone records of Miss Ann phone caller, tens of seconds a phone call. Red Net News (September 27th Changsha Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Luo Yige) the morning of September 26th at about 10, Changsha Miss Ann received a phone call, then the number of hours will be two hundred or three hundred calls "bombing" to be pestered beyond endurance. Call from a private lending company, asked Miss Ann a call "Wu Yuanchao", said he not also owe to me now, only to find Miss ann. Ms. Ann said, Wu Yuanchao was the barber shop in Changsha, the United States, one or two years ago, where there is a security card miss, leaving his phone number. While Wu Yuanchao in the loan, but in the "emergency contact" wrote an article on the phone number of ms.. Experienced inexplicable loan emergency contact Miss ANN in a plastic surgery hospital, the loan company was made almost a day off". Miss Ann said, received the first phone, the other poor tone: "you quickly notice Wu Yuanchao to pay back the money, he still owes us more than 1 thousand and 900 dollars not yet." Miss Ann felt puzzled. The other said it was a loan company, a person called Wu Yuanchao who borrowed money from them, and now can not contact me, can only be linked as an emergency contact, Ms. Wu Yuanchao. Miss Ann recalls, Wu Yuanchao is the beauty of the hair stylist hair stylist, he had to miss a few times to cut hair. One or two years ago, when he was in the barber shop membership card when the phone number. I did not expect to become the other party’s emergency contact". But miss Ann tried to contact Wu Yuanchao, call each other, had to give up. Miss Ann thought things over, until she received a text message: "tell him you hurry (Wu Yuanchao) to pay back the money, otherwise we will keep looking for you." From the morning at the beginning of 11, lending company launched the "bombing" mode, "every few seconds to a phone, mobile phone is hot". Ms. Lin’s colleague, Mr. Sheng, said he suspected the lending company used the "call you die" software. "They say more and more ugly." Miss Ann and several colleagues were abused. Hundreds of phone down, Miss Ann began to fear the phone, unable to accept an interview with reporters, by Mr. Sheng on behalf of her interview, Mr. Sheng said Miss present work and life has no way to normal." As of press time, the company has several hundred calls. Reporters try to call back to the company to call the security of the phone, the number of consecutive calls, all tips can not be connected or no answer. There is no "Wu Yuanchao" the barber of Wu Yuanchao will miss Ann written as "emergency contact", Miss Ann and colleagues very angry: how can businesses do this with the guest’s personal information? However, the United States Department of beauty shop responsible person, small, said the store does not have this person". An Yan相关的主题文章:


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